Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Sweet Gift (and an end table)

My best friend Noelle and I, both have a love for treasure hunting, so when she invited me to go with her to the Venture flea market last week I jumped on board! Here I am with our kiddos, we have 4 between the two of us! It was quite the adventure to say the least!

Her mom met us there since she lives close by. She helped wrangle the kids and did a little treasure hunting as well!

During our trip I spotted something that I always hunt for, an ironstone plate! Ironstone is a rare find where we live, unless you want to pay a small fortune for it! I've been collecting ironstone plates in the hopes that one day I will have sweet little set of mismatched ironstone plates. I spent $1 on the plate! I was beyond excited! And then tragedy struck (well not really tragedy but close) I dropped my beloved plate! I was so sad!

We went on with our day and had a great time but I couldn't get that plate out of my head! Two days later at a garage sale I found the same plate for a quarter! I had a grip on that plate like it was my first born child! I've decided it was gift from God that sweet little plate, just a reminder of how much he cares for us, even the silly little things we care about matter to Him.

After finding that plate I was motivated to get some work done on end tables that I've been painting for Noelle's mom. Since I had just seen her we made some decisions on exactly how she wanted them finished and here they are...

I love how the end tables turned out! I'm a sucker for two toned french provincial style furniture!


  1. hi Danielle, they look beautiful. i love the white trim and you've done it so neatly.