Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's all in the name

So in my last (aka my first ever post) I mentioned a lot has been happening recently. If you know me and my family this is no surprise to you we tend to keep pretty busy. In 6 years of being married, my hubby and I have started a business (Lucky Dog Pet Resort), bought property (and when I say property I mean dirt, literally 2 acres of dirt with nothing on it), built our business, had two kids, bought a home, and not to mention all of the life stuff that goes along with all of that. We have been blessed tremendously and we have also had some extremely difficult times. But God is so good and faithful to us! More recently, I think in attempt to reclaim some of his garage back, my hubby built me a shop! Well I wouldn't really call it a shop it's more like a tent :) but I'm so excited to have a designated space to call my own to paint in! And my little tent just so happens to be nestled amongst some willows, hence the name, The Painted Willows! Now all I need is some furniture... I haven't had the best of luck lately finding any pieces I like (that are actually in my price range) if you have any wood furniture you would like to sell I'm your gal ;) That being said I do have a few projects to bring over to my tent to finish so it won't be empty for long. More to come on those later...