Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Adoption Fundraiser!

My younger brother Rob has always had a heart for children. Children have always been drawn to him. He is patient and kind and fun loving not to mention, 6 foot 4 so he is basically a human jungle gym! In high school he took an early childhood development course and was able to teach preschool. Rob met his wife, Michelle, at church were they both taught Sunday school classes together. Their shared passion for children actually brought them together. They married quickly after meeting, Rob was only 20 and many of us (me included) were nervous they were too young that this was just a little “crazy” for them to marry so quickly.  But we loved them and supported them and they married on May 28, 2011 and they danced on that beautiful day to a song called “Love Like Crazy”. Little did we know how God would lead them down a road where they would be called to “Love Like Crazy”.

The happy newlyweds began to pursue their dreams together, a week after marrying Michelle and Rob moved away from their church friends and their family, the tight-knit community that had been such a support for them, in order for Robbie to pursue a degree in pastoral studies from Simpson University. Michelle worked full time as a behavior therapist working with autistic children and went to school online to receive her Master’s degree in human behavior. And then only a few months after being married our dad was tragically taken from us in a car accident. It was the beginning of a road of unexpected events that would take place in such a short period of time in their young marriage. They were being stretched thin but God was using this time to build them up and grow them closer to Him.

After graduating from Simpson, Rob and Michelle decided to make another move.  God had been placing a dream in their hearts to plant a church, so they packed up and moved to St. George, Utah with plans to bring God’s word and love to people.  They felt called to start a bible study in their home and they started to reach out to those in their new community. During all of this time they were longing and praying for their first child. Months and months went by, and Michelle did not get pregnant. And then months turned to years, they were heartbroken but determined that they would become parents; it was a promise they knew God would fulfill.

After several fertility treatments and two miscarriages, Rob and Michelle decided to follow God’s voice once again and they started the process to adopt.  They began the tedious process of completing their home study as well as mounds of paperwork and when it was completed they turned it in to the agency, excited but anticipating a period of waiting, Rob and Michelle were shocked when they got the news that they had been matched with a birth mom within the week of turning in their paperwork and just a month later they were in the hospital welcoming their sweet boy, Jordan, into their family!

They settled in easily to their new role as parents. Like any new parents of a newborn there were plenty of sleepless nights and stressful moments but the love that they shared for Jordan was so natural and beautiful.

To everyone’s surprise only a few months later Michelle discovered she was pregnant! It was a miracle and we all rejoiced! Jordan was going to be a big brother! And they were going to be close in age, almost Irish twins! But if anyone could handle two babies in such a short time period it was Rob and Michelle!

And then they got a phone call that would change everything AGAIN…

The phone rang and it was Jordan’s biological mom and she was pregnant again as well! After praying together for quite some time, Rob and Michelle decided that they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have Jordan’s sister be part of their family! So they started the process to adopt Olivia, she is due in just a few weeks, only two weeks before Michelle is due to deliver Adalyn, their biological daughter! That makes three babies in less than 14 months! But God does crazy things, He calls us to follow Him and say yes to His plans, even though saying “yes” to Him doesn’t always mean things will be easy. In the world’s eyes this is a crazy thing to say yes to. But God calls us to love like crazy! Despite what the world says, He calls us to say yes to love even when it seems impossible. And Rob and Michelle have said “yes” to God’s plans over and over again in their marriage and I believe God will bless their willingness to “love like crazy”.

We all have moments in our lives when God calls us to say yes to love even though it seems impossible but “With God all things are possible”.

Would you consider saying “yes” today to helping this young couple fund Olivia’s adoption?  Two adoptions in just over 1 years’ time will leave them tens of thousands of dollars in debt. But I believe that God will provide for them! Let’s show them we can “love like crazy” as well!

Rob and Michelle are having a t-shirt sale to help fund Olivia's adoption! So not only do you get to contribute to this amazing couple and their sweet growing family, but you also get a super cute t-shirt! Please consider buying a t-shirt (or two) the link is listed below! Thanks!

Just follow this link to their Etsy site to purchase a t-shirt!

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