Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Living Room Tour

We are preparing for our big move! Which means we are also getting our current house ready for renters! I took a few pictures of my living room which I thought would be fun to share with you today...

I have 3 dogs and two energetic kiddos (ages 5 and 3) so I had to design my room with to be very forgiving when it comes to stains and such! I love love love a white slipcovered couch look but that just wasn't going to work in my house! We eat peanut butter and jelly on the coach and I love that I don't have to worry! The sectional is a dark brown color but it has some texture to it and some black in it. It is super comfortable and the best part is the cushions come off for fort building!
I got the rug about 6 months ago from Home Depot it was only $80! Its held up great so far despite little toes and paws dragging in mud from our back yard! I love that it brings some light to the room and it has a nice texture to it!

The stripped curtains I painted myself awhile ago! The curtains were originally tan and they came with the house when we bought. I painted them using fabric paint and Frog Tape. If I had to do it over again I would just use regular latex paint it would be cheaper and give the same result.

I got this old beat up trunk at a garage sale for $5! I've thought about painting it since I have no other red/orange in my house, but for now I'm liking the color for fall!

On this wall I created a gallery for my kiddos to display their artwork! I glued curtain clips to the back side of two Ikea frames and to the mattes of two other frames. I added two canvas that my kids painted as well as the two pictures on the outside which our in Ikea frames as well without the glass which makes them easy to switch out!

I love that my kids can feel like they're part of my decorating and that it creates a relaxed and personalized touch in our living room!

My coffee table I made over while ago and I posted about here! Its held up well considering all the "love" it gets in our house!

I love decorating our mantle during different seasons! I kept it pretty neutral and not too "fall-ish" since I'm taking pictures for potential renters to see.

My hubby actually built the mantle! He framed it out using molding we picked out from Home Depot! I wish I had a before picture to show you but just picture a fireplace (brass screen and all) I sprayed painted it black, with no mantle or wood work at all just mauve tiles around it!

This wall is probably my favorite in my house! I love the combination of the new Ikea Expedit Shelving mixed with the old wood dresser! I love the green plants and the old Coco Cola crate where we store our Dvds. I should have hid my cords before I took this picture oops!

I'm sure going to miss our first house but I'm excited for whats to come!


  1. Lovely view with the fireplace and those great curtains :)

  2. I'm loving the adorably quaint appeal of your living room! From the wall decor to the mantel pieces, everything just fits perfectly. The mix of traditional and modern vibes really made your living room a comfortable and lovely space in your home. Thank you so much for sharing that tour! Happy thanksgiving!

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer