Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blue and White End Tables (part 2)

I finished the blue and white end tables that I posted about last week! I love how they turned out! Here they are in my room with their new hardware...

They match my room perfectly! And I will be sad to let them go to their new home, but I've been inspired by these end tables to make some changes in our master bedroom! It's amazing how a small thing like new end tables can really change the whole look of a room! 

I wanted to share a new technique I used on these end tables to get a more even finish while using chalk paint. I love chalk paint and I've used it on several projects in the past. Sometimes, however, the texture the chalk paint creates can be uneven and it can make a piece look sloppy (at least to me). I tried using one of these tools, instead of my usual angled paint brush, to apply my chalk paint. I got mine at Walmart…

It worked great, created a more smooth even texture. The finish is not completely smooth, I recommend using a latex paint if your after a really smooth finish, but the texture is more uniform. I did use the same tool to paint the blue on the drawers with latex paint. It worked really well with latex paint, the paint went on smooth and the finish was virtually free of any brush strokes! 

Here are some more pictures of the finished product! Since my post last week, I've antiqued these using  a custom stain like I did with this piece. I just rubbed the stain on with a rag and quickly wiped it off. I used the stain very sparingly on these since my client wanted a more true white, but I like how just a little antiquing can add such warmth to a piece...

I also had to replace the hardware since one of the drawer pulls was broken when I bought them. I replaced them all since I couldn't find just one drawer pull that matched perfectly. I ordered the new pulls on eBay! I love eBay for hardware! eBay and Hobby Lobby are the two places I order most of my hardware! When I ordered the new hardware I actually bought 10 drawer pulls, 4 of them I used on these, and 6 others. I figured it's always nice to have beautiful french provencial style drawer pulls in my stash. But I think I may have found a home for 2 of them! Check out this awesome dresser I found at a thrift store the other day...

I'm in love! Yes with a dresser! I love the lines of this piece and the drawers work perfectly! The best part is someone else prepped this entire piece for me! They must have spent hours stripping it down, and while it needs a little sanding just to smooth it out, it's pretty much totally prepped and ready for paint! I've never had a piece of furniture already prepped for me! It will have to wait awhile but I can't wait to paint it! That's it for now. Have a lovely day!

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  1. Found this post through pinterest. Love the end tables. I also really love the color of the walls. Do you remember the paint color?

    1. Thanks D! Unfortunately I don't know the color of the walls. It was painted this color when we moved into the house, so glad you like it though!